Kevin’s IKEA Hack

We wanted a closet in our loft for our clothes, but the configuration IKEA offers was too tall or too short, depending on the configuration.

So instead of using the top cabinet module they offer we used their shorter matching drawer front, attaching them with hinges to a custom built frame we installed on top of the ikea besta unit made with basic materials from a hardware store. Being that the back half of the closet was facing our bedroom we decided to finish it by painting and attaching 3 white mdf panels, which created a good means for us to hang a small flat screen tv in our bedroom. Most of the wire are hidden between the back panel of the closet supplied by besta and the MDF backers we installed. Power cables also snake down through the top cabinet from a power source stemming from the ceiling. So all wires are neatly tucked away and out of site.

You can see more photos of the project on Flickr here.

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